Bare eyebrows: How to apply makeup on them

22 Feb, 2021 | Makeup tips

It’s a fact, this season, bare eyebrows are not in fashion. The makeup style changes every year, new products always appear that make us run to makeup stores. Or you see new trends that make us watch a YouTube video many times so that we can learn how to apply it.

However, there is a trend that has not changed in several years and that is that of bushy eyebrows, instead of bare eyebrows. Yes, this is a suffering for those who have bare eyebrows and this style has not been fashionable for many years. Thank goodness because there is no doubt that bushy eyebrows give us much more shape to the face than bare eyebrows. Of course, there is no need to worry if this is your case. There are different ways to show off fabulous eyebrows and that you can frame your face as it is.

Tricks to enhance bare eyebrows

Yes, there are ways for you to show off bushy eyebrows and not see your bare eyebrows where hair cannot grow. The first thing you should do is wax, clean the hairs that are growing around and comb them. We do not want the hair that is there to be a distraction to your beautiful eyebrows.

Then you can make some marks on the eyebrow to define the lines of your eyebrows. This step is very simple, you must take a makeup pencil and put one end at the tip of the nose and the other end at the thickest part of the eyebrow, that is the first point. You will know the second point by taking the same end of the pencil at the tip of the nose and the other end at the highest corner of the eyebrow. The third point that you are going to mark will be on the outer tip where the eyebrow ends.

After you have these points you can draw a very fine line to join them and then fill in the empty spaces with shadow where the hairs should grow.

Another way to do it is by drawing the eyebrows and with a special makeup pencil. Then you fill in the spaces as if they were hairs. If you are going to fill those spaces with shadow, you should know that you cannot use very dark or very different tones to your hair. If you have brown hair you should use a lighter shade. If you have black hair try to use a dark gray, not a black because it will look very rough. And if you are blonde, you should not use lighter tones, but a darker ones to make your eyebrows look more natural.

I know that at first it may cost you but it is all just a matter of practice. You will see that you will learn to makeup and hide your bare eyebrows and if you don’t, run to micro blanding yourself.


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