The best blush for brown skin

22 Feb, 2021 | Face

Colors that come in blush for brown skin that flatter the skin

Just as there are bases for every skin type and tone, there are also blushes for all skin types. The blush is an essential element in day-to-day makeup. Some people do not take it seriously, almost as if it were something unnecessary. But for me it is an element that gives the perfect finishing touch to your makeup, especially when it comes to daily makeup.

A little color on your cheeks and you no longer have a pale face. It is not even necessary to exaggerate, with just a little you will achieve the desired effect. Although all or most of us have one in our case. You should know that each skin tone looks good with a different blush tone.

In the case of brown skin, pink, purple and orange tones are perfect as they illuminate the face. They do not look dull and they do not get lost in all the makeup. These three colors, in addition to being beautiful, are perfect for any women with brown skin who wants to highlight her cheekbones. As I already mentioned, with just one touch to the face enhances the look and the beautiful brown skin stands out.

If you don’t know which blush for brown skin to choose, don’t worry, I’ll make your job easier. Here are some ideal blushes for brown skin tone.

The best blush for brown skin

One of my favorite brands, Lancome, has a blush that is perfect for brown skin, the Blush Subtil Palette, Peche Savvy color. This blush has a medium orange shade ideal for brown skin, but not only that but it also has a matching highlighter so that your makeup is complete.

Dior also has an excellent blush for brown skin and that is Rouge Blush-Poisson Mate. This color is deep pink and leaves a semi-matte finish on your cheekbones, giving life and shine to your makeup.

As a last recommendation, Maybelline’s Fit Me Blush Wine blush is the one. It is a color that really works for all skin types and that when blending it leaves a natural finish and nothing exaggerated, perfect for the days when you do not want to see too much makeup.

I think we all already have our favorite blush in our makeup case but it’s not bad to try new things. So I hope these recommendations are to your liking and make you go buy your next blush for brown skin.


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