The best blush for fair skin

22 Feb, 2021 | Face

Blush for fair skin and its variety

There are a wide variety of colors and styles when it comes to makeup, but it never hurts to look for what best suits each type of skin tone. That is why people with fair skin should know what color suits them best. Do you think that because you are light-skinned, all the colors suit you? Well, that’s partly true because everyone applies the amount they think is necessary, but there are actually certain colors that are better for lighter faces.

When we talk about rouge or blush that also happens. Ideally, you should choose a blush for fair skin, but it all depends on the style you want to have for the day. If you want something lighter and more natural you can opt for a coral colored blush for fair skin which looks beautiful. If you want a little more impact with your cheekbones you can use pink tones and give it the intensity you want.

The color that I do not recommend as blush for fair skin is purple, but that is left to everyone’s own tastes. Makeup is not a rule. The only rule is to have fun and, of course, know how to apply it. Anyway, here I leave you some recommendations for blush for fair skin that you can buy and vary them for each occasion.

Perfect blush for fair skin

One of the brands that has an incredible variety in its pink tones is Mac. A tone that is perfect with fair skin is Powder Blush Blushbaby. This color is a light pink that looks great on the skin and is long-lasting.

Another blush from the same brand is the Melba shade that goes more towards the coral color. Highly recommended for white people who want to elevate their makeup without over exaggerating.

In case you don’t know, blush also comes in other products, not only as the famous powder. This time I present you the Nars liquid blush. It has three shades, one light pink, another coral, and a darker pink. These three colors are perfect for fair skin, it will be difficult to choose one of the three. The great thing about liquid blushes is that they last a bit longer on the skin, and why not try different ways of applying makeup?

I love liquid blush, but I will never stop looking like usual blush, and you? which do you prefer?


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