Eye primer, an element that you didn’t know you needed until today

What are eye primers? When we do a makeup we look for two things. These are, that it fits us well and that it lasts as long as possible. Although this is possible with quality products and long-lasting bases, you should not forget that the best product to help you achieve the best look. One of those products is primer for eyes. The primer for eyes are a kind of primer that helps to fix your...

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Be happy and have long lasting shadows

Long lasting shadows are worth it When we attend a special occasion and put on makeup to look great, what we least want is for our makeup to disappear two hours after the start if the event. That is why there is makeup that has the ability to provide long lasting shadows, foundations, loose powders, and even lipsticks. But this does not end here, since we are fortunate that there are long...

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The recommended fantasy color shadow palettes

Fantasy color shadow palettes I am very sure that almost all of us are a little nervous to put on makeup with very exaggerated or striking colors. We fear that we will look exaggerated or that it will look bad. Almost always we opt for the most basic and normal colors that will not do look foolish or silly. But that has changed and now the some of the most brightest, cheerful, fantasy color...

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The shadow palettes that you must have in your makeup kit

Shadow palettes and their importance in makeup! If you want to have an impressive makeup for a special occasion, you need to use precious shadow palettes. It is impossible to feel good with your makeup if you do not have good shadows on your eyes. To achieve this you need two things. They are to know the techniques to do your makeup, and to have the best shadow palettes available so that you can...

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The orange shadows, the best color daring in makeup

Orange shadows are popular in shadow palettes! I have no doubt that when you buy a shadow palette you have some favorite colors and others that are forgotten. The forgotten colors only used for festivities such as Carnival or Halloween. The colors go well with a good costume. But the time has come to change that perception of those forgotten colors. One of those fun and forgotten colors in the...

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