MAC makeup base

The birth of MAC makeup base The birth of MAC makeup base starts with it's manufacturer, MAC makeup brand, and Makeup Art Cosmetics, they are one of the most famous in recent times. It was born in Canada in 1984 and from then on it has had a huge boom in the makeup world. Since 1996 they have been a part of the Estée Lauder company. Which in turn has generated great followers for the brand who...

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The best blush for fair skin

Blush for fair skin and its variety There are a wide variety of colors and styles when it comes to makeup, but it never hurts to look for what best suits each type of skin tone. That is why people with fair skin should know what color suits them best. Do you think that because you are light-skinned, all the colors suit you? Well, that's partly true because everyone applies the amount they think...

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The best blush for brown skin

Colors that come in blush for brown skin that flatter the skin Just as there are bases for every skin type and tone, there are also blushes for all skin types. The blush is an essential element in day-to-day makeup. Some people do not take it seriously, almost as if it were something unnecessary. But for me it is an element that gives the perfect finishing touch to your makeup, especially when...

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Anti-aging foundations to take care of your skin

You don't need to have mature skin to use anti-aging foundations There are many theories and ways to take care of your skin. But one that never goes out of style and that is essential in the care of our face, and skin in general, is prevention. When they tell you that the botulinum toxin, known as botox, should be applied as a prevention measure, and not for when the small wrinkles appear. That...

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The light bases that will brighten your face

Light bases and how to use them For some time now I have been wondering why models or actresses have so shiny skin when you see them on the runway or on a red carpet. I didn't understand why they looked so shiny. One normally wants to dull the shine, and have more of a matte finish to their makeup. But no, not everyone wants that and little by little I have been understanding why. Luminous...

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