Natural lipsticks to hydrate your lips

Natural lipsticks are healthy The lips are one of the parts of the face that we take care of the most. That is why we have to take into account what we apply to it. We always love to fill them with color and make them look striking at any party or work meeting,. But have you ever wondered if that is good for your lips? Perhaps some lipsticks have moisturizing ingredients that besides making your...

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Permanent lipsticks and their advantages

Do you want to stop touching up your lips at a party? The solution is permanent lipsticks. Do you want to greet people and not leave the lipstick kiss mark on the cheek? The solution is permanent lipsticks. Think of all the times that you don't want your lipstick to be a messed up and you'll have the same answer, permanent lipsticks! There are permanent lipsticks that exist in the market...

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Glossy Lips: Make your lips shine with the best lip gloss

Captivating and glossy lips Nothing like having striking and glossy lips. So it is understandable that it is a fundamental part of our makeup and we always want them to look fleshy and presentable. We have the wrong thought, I think, that what will make our lips look bigger and more striking is if we use a red or wine color lipstick, but that is not entirely true. As you already know, many...

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Matte lipstick and its power

Paint your lips with matte lipstick shades One of the fundamental steps to makeup is to have an impact in your appearance, and to have well-made up and well-delineated lips. It does not matter what type of color you like, or what type of lipstick. But it is important to have variety in the makeup case so as not to be boring when it comes to making up our lips. One of the types of lipstick that...

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Matte pink lips a wonderful look

Yes, having matte pink lips is one of the most popular trends of recent years and the favorite of many, but why? The answer is very easy. It is a noble color, with different styles and textures, but it will always make you look good. You can be a tender woman or a little more daring, but all depending on the type of pink you use on your lips. The variety of pink in the lipsticks is incredible....

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