Makeup tips

Bare eyebrows: How to apply makeup on them

It's a fact, this season, bare eyebrows are not in fashion. The makeup style changes every year, new products always appear that make us run to makeup stores. Or you see new trends that make us watch a YouTube video many times so that we can learn how to apply it. However, there is a trend that has not changed in several years and that is that of bushy eyebrows, instead of bare eyebrows. Yes,...

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The perfect concealer for dark circles

There is a product that comes to save our face and that is concealer for dark circles.When we are going to do our makeup we seek to hide the small imperfections or spots on our face. One of those visual discomforts that we want to have disappear for a few hours is the dark circles around our eyes. Dark circles are the dark circles that appear under our eyes when we are tired. We may have had a...

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Makeup for mature skin and its tricks

Makeup for mature skin and some tricks. Makeup is a tool that many women use to hide some blemishes on the face and to highlight other positive features. But when you reach an age where wrinkles are the order of the day, it is more difficult to achieve makeup "perfection". So today we talk about makeup for mature skin. Wrinkles, crow's feet and dry skin are inevitable after a certain age....

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Fenty Beauty, the makeup of the sexy Rihanna

Singer Rihanna has been delighting us with her lyrics and music videos for years. But the artist has also decided to surprise us with her Fenty Beauty line of cosmetics. This makeup line was born in 2017. It is one of the brands that most defends diversity and naturalness in the world. She is known, apart from quality and variety, for frequently using transgender or plus size models in her...

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The makeup no makeup: What is it?

The makeup no makeup: What is it? Times change, fashion too, and makeup is not far behind. For example, there was a time in our lives when the coolest thing was to have thin and thin eyebrows, which is now unacceptable. And this is also the case now with heavily loaded makeup. That's only for celebrities when they go to a red carpet event. Sometimes there are celebrities who have opted for much...

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