The perfect concealer for dark circles

22 Feb, 2021 | Makeup tips

There is a product that comes to save our face and that is concealer for dark circles.When we are going to do our makeup we seek to hide the small imperfections or spots on our face. One of those visual discomforts that we want to have disappear for a few hours is the dark circles around our eyes.

Dark circles are the dark circles that appear under our eyes when we are tired. We may have had a bad dream or due to simple family conditions. There are appearance comes in several colors and sizes and their appearance depends on each individual. They really are a bummer and the most incredible thing is that they have different color shades. For women, they have different types of concealers for dark circles that will help achieve coverage of them. The important thing is to get the concealer for dark circles that works best with your skin tones.

You cannot use the same concealer for a purple circles under eye as you would use for a redder under eye coverage. It is not the same if your skin is combination, dry or oily. Although it may sound complicated, you have nothing to worry about because here you will learn the types of concealer for dark circles and what each one is for.

Identify the concealer for dark circles that best suits you

It is important that you know that before starting your makeup routine it is recommended that when you get up, you wipe an ice cube all over your face, especially around the eye area. This serves to reduce inflammation and give more freshness to your sleepy face.

After this step you can start with your concealer for dark circles. There are people who apply the foundation first and then the concealer, or vice versa, that depends on you. Suppose you use the concealer first, then if your dark circles are purplish you should use a yellow concealer. This color helps to cover the purple tones of the skin.

If you have reddish dark circles you should use a green corrector. This works perfectly also for unwanted pimples and blemish that show up at the wrong time.

If you think that your dark circles have a more bluish in tone then use a orange concealer. It is the one that will cover your dark circles. After covering your dark circles with the first step. It is recommended to apply the concealer of your choice that is the color of your skin. Or you can use a lighter tone to blur and better conceal that area of ​​the face. Problem solved, the concealer for dark circles plus the corrector for your skin tone will revive your tired face.

Interesting, right? Who would say that an under eye skin condition would have so many tonal shades. But that is our body and our face and we have to love it. So don’t worry anymore and buy the right colors to cover those marks of fatigue, and above all, sleep well.


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