Take care of your skin with creams with sunscreen

22 Feb, 2021 | Skin

Creams with Sunscreen

How tasty it is to go to the beach and enjoy the days of sun, sea and sand. Not only for the peace it provides but also for the beautiful skin color you develop on a day at the beach. But do you know what is not so tasty? The problems that the sun can cause to your skin and your face after taking a lot of sun and tanning. That is why creams with sunscreen should not be missing in your beach bag.

The skin is our largest organ and the one that we must take care of the most. More than just for the appearance, which is undoubtedly also a valid reason. But it is because of cancer diseases that this over indulgence in the sun can bring us.

The face, a fundamental part of the body. It is exposed every day to sunlight, computers, or cell phone lights, and sometimes we do not take care of it as we should. You always have to use sunscreen whether you are at home, on the street, or in the office. I know it may sound annoying but it is important that you make it a habit. Putting on some sunscreen or creams with sunscreen won’t take more than five minutes of your time.

Now, didn’t you know that there were creams with sunscreen that take care of your face? Yes, they exist and they came to save us a step in our skincare. There are no more excuses to take care of yourself, you just have to get a cream with sunscreen and you will have a healthy face protected from wrinkles and unwanted spots.

The best creams with sunscreen and hydration

Anything to protect yourself, in every way, is ideal for the body and especially for the face. A cream that takes care of UV rays and at the same time hydrates the face is Clinique’s Superdefense cream. This cream has what you need to feel protected all day with its excellent quality that hydrates and cares for your skin. In addition, it is absorbed quickly so you will not feel that you have a cream on your face.

Another well-known brand is Nivea, known for its skin care products and sun protectors. Among its creams with sunscreen, the Intensive Hydrating Day Facial Cream. As its name says, protects and hydrates intensively from the damage that the sun can cause and moisturizes the skin leaving it fresh and perfect.

There is another cream that is a bit more expensive but they say that even famous people love it and it is the Magic Cream from the Charlotte Tilbury brand. It has the necessary ingredients to illuminate the skin, reduce wrinkles, and protect you from the sun.

These three are my recommendations but there are many more on the market so that you can choose how you want to take care of your face from spots, wrinkles, and skin diseases.


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