Hardener nail polish and its benefits

22 Feb, 2021 | Hands

Yes, with hardener nail polish! Maintaining manicured nails not only means going to the beauty salon to get a manicure or nail polish every so often. It also requires efforts to keep them healthy and hard. And one of those efforts is the use of hardener nail polish.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having fragile nails that can break with any movement. But even more uncomfortable is when they reach the point of bending like paper. This usually happens when you go to the salon a lot and they use harsh chemicals on your false or acrylic nails. But hardener nail polish is the remedy for that annoying little problem.

I recommend that you always have at least one hardener nail polish in your manicure kit. Hardening polishes will not only help you to give your nails strength and vitality. But they will also give them shine, so you will not have dull nails.

It is recommended that you use it whenever you can. If necessary apply it as the first step before painting your nails in any color. There are many options for hardening polishes but here are some recommendations in case you do not know much about the world of polish.

Choosing a hardener nail polish

There is a brand, one of my favorites, that has excellent products when it comes to nails and that is Valmy. This brand has several hardening polishes. The first one that I recommend is Hardening Chemistry, which is the ideal treatment to strengthen nails. The second is Hardening Chemistry with Garlic and Lemon. These particular ingredients serve not only to strengthen the nail but to whiten them as well. The third option is Valmy Nail Regenerator with Caviar Extract. Without a doubt, everything that has caviar is good.

If you want to go to more recognized brands you have the option of OPI and its Nail Envy – Dry and Brittle. This hardener nail polish provides your nails with vitamin E and vitamin C. Nourishing them and giving them the strength they need to avoid breaking.

But if nail protection is a concern, there is not one like the German Chemical brand and its hardener polish. This polish is one of the favorites of many, and I include myself, because it protects the nail and helps it grow healthy.

All of these options are excellent. I assure you that you will not feel bad about using any of them. Nail care is important too, so give yourself a chance to try some of these products.


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