Be happy and have long lasting shadows

22 Feb, 2021 | Eyes

Long lasting shadows are worth it

When we attend a special occasion and put on makeup to look great, what we least want is for our makeup to disappear two hours after the start if the event. That is why there is makeup that has the ability to provide long lasting shadows, foundations, loose powders, and even lipsticks.

But this does not end here, since we are fortunate that there are long lasting shadows that save us and aide to decorate our eyelids without worrying.

Long lasting shadows last much longer on our skin because they are more resistant to water or sweat. But don’t worry when you get home you will be able to easily remove them with a good make-up remover. These long lasting shadows tend to be liquid because they adhere better. It is not difficult to apply liquid shadow, but as I always say, practice makes perfect. In the same way, here are some recommendations for long lasting shadows in liquid form that you can buy.

The recommended long lasting shadows

If you want to invest in long lasting liquid shadows, you should look for quality. The Yves Saint Laurent brand is the ideal one for you to start trying these shadows. They have a line of shadows that are long lasting is called Full Matte Shadow and has several colors to choose from. Such as pink, beige or coral, and many more. In addition, it is super resistant and long lasting.

Urban Decay is another brand of excellent quality and its shadows, whether long lasting, liquid or powder, are beautiful. But right now we will talk about Heavy Metal Glitter Gel. Yes, glitter is an essential option when it comes to having long lasting makeup on your eyes.

If you are one of those who are afraid of exaggerating, do not worry that this Heavy Metal Glitter Gel can be used to your liking. You apply a little if you want to have a little shine on your eyes, or you apply a lot if you want to shine and stand out.

These are just a few options but if you look for them in your favorite cosmetic brand, you will surely find that they also have long lasting shadows. Try new things and dare to shine all day and night with shadows that are long lasting.


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