The makeup no makeup: What is it?

22 Feb, 2021 | Makeup tips

The makeup no makeup: What is it?

Times change, fashion too, and makeup is not far behind. For example, there was a time in our lives when the coolest thing was to have thin and thin eyebrows, which is now unacceptable. And this is also the case now with heavily loaded makeup. That’s only for celebrities when they go to a red carpet event. Sometimes there are celebrities who have opted for much more natural looks and one of those looks is makeup no makeup.

Makeup no makeup is a style that seeks naturalness. The idea is to make your skin look bright and fresh. As if you were about to exercise and not about to go out to party. It is a makeup that does not seek to cover all the details of the face, rather it is a soft finish. Achieving it is not difficult, you only need a couple of products that you surely already have in your makeup case.

How to apply makeup with makeup no makeup.

Doing makeup no makeup is simple but you need to do your part for the first step. You cannot do a no makeup makeup without having hydrated and cared for skin. It is vital that you take care of your face every day and night and that you use sunscreen before applying any products.

As a second step is to use a concealer for dark circles that covers those little colors under the eyes. Then apply the foundation to unify the color of the face. Of course, this foundation cannot be heavy or long-lasting. You must have one that is soft and with medium coverage so that your face does not look so overly made up or exaggerated.

Continuing with the style of no makeup, you should comb your eyebrows. If necessary, add a little color in the barren eyebrows. But only add a little because otherwise the style of no makeup is lost. The lashes should be made up but don’t use many layers, just one layer to give them a little body.

For the cheekbones we recommend a touch of highlighter right on the bone that is at the top and a little peach blush on your cheeks.

To finish your makeup no makeup, use a moisturizer and a gloss on your lips or you can also use a nude lipstick. With these simple steps you will have a simple but fashionable look and the best of all is that removing it will not be a headache.


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