Matte pink lips a wonderful look

22 Feb, 2021 | Lips

Yes, having matte pink lips is one of the most popular trends of recent years and the favorite of many, but why? The answer is very easy. It is a noble color, with different styles and textures, but it will always make you look good.

You can be a tender woman or a little more daring, but all depending on the type of pink you use on your lips. The variety of pink in the lipsticks is incredible. You can go from a pale pink to a fluorescent pink, or a pink that looks more like red than pink.

While it would be great to have all the styles and colors of lipsticks. I recommend that you buy a good matte pink lipstick so that you have a long-lasting lipstick of this beautiful color. I also recommend that you not only have one pink lipstick but two lipsticks. At a minimum, so that you have options for the day or night, work, or dinner, whatever the occasion.

As always, I will leave you several options so that your matte pink lips stand out and you dare to look wonderful.

Having matte pink lips, a good investment

To start in this world of matte pink lips, I will tell you about three different shades, from three different brands. Let’s start with the Peachy-Pink Nude by Marc Jacobs. This pink lipstick has a light tone, is creamy and leaves a semi-matte finish that lasts for approximately 10 hours.

The famous Kim Kardashian with her KKW Beauty gives us the Pink Crème Lipsticks line, which brings beautiful colors of different pink tones. The lightest being Soft Peachy Pink or the strongest and sexy Hot Pink. The products that KKW Beauty are characterized by their long lasting duration and the rich texture of lipsticks.

Maybelline, one of my favorites, has in its SuperStay lipstick line a lot of pink tones to drive you crazy. But if you are looking for beautiful and delicate matte pink lips I recommend Poet. It is a pink lipstick with a matte finish that everyone will want to have in their makeup case. It lasts for approximately 16 hours and provides a satin matte finish that will make your lips pop no matter what time you are wearing it.

I hope that after reading about these three options you will dare to wear pink lipstick, and if you have a recommendation on these lipsticks, do not hesitate to share it.


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