The orange shadows, the best color daring in makeup

22 Feb, 2021 | Eyes

Orange shadows are popular in shadow palettes!

I have no doubt that when you buy a shadow palette you have some favorite colors and others that are forgotten. The forgotten colors only used for festivities such as Carnival or Halloween. The colors go well with a good costume. But the time has come to change that perception of those forgotten colors.

One of those fun and forgotten colors in the shadow palette is orange and I don’t judge you. It is a color that one is afraid of because it is very striking and it can be difficult to mix it with other colors. Besides, it sure doesn’t match many outfits so why try it?

Well that ends today because orange is a beautiful color that must be used to illuminate our eyes. Not only is it a beautiful color to decorate our eyes but it is also perfect for making more elaborate makeup statements, such as a smokey eye. Yes, a smokey eye with a touch of orange will always look good. Not because of how extravagant it appears but because of how beautiful it can be. It’s time for you to write down the best orange shadows on the market and what you can do with them.

The best orange shadows

To start talking about orange shadows, it seems perfect to me that the first recommendation is from the Kylie Jenner Cosmetics brand. Within the entire makeup empire this young woman has the “Peach Extended Palette” that only has orange and gold tones.This palette has satin and matte tones so you can combine them and make your makeup look luxurious.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills brand is known for the design and colors of their color palettes because they are usually eye-catching. Many of those palettes bring orange hues for you to experiment with. But I recommend the Anastasia Soft Glam palette because it has several colors, including orange shadows. But they are more somber in tone than in other palettes. This is perfect if you are not yet ready to use strong orange shadows.

The third option I give you is Mac Cosmetics. This company never fails with its shadows and the proof of that is the “Art Library: Flame-Boyant” eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow kit brings red and orange shadows in matte and satin colors. Which are so beautiful that I am sure that no color from that palette will remain unused.

You no longer have any excuses, buy your best orange shadows and start wearing that makeup that will make you dazzle wherever you go.


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