The shadow palettes that you must have in your makeup kit

22 Feb, 2021 | Eyes

Shadow palettes and their importance in makeup!

If you want to have an impressive makeup for a special occasion, you need to use precious shadow palettes. It is impossible to feel good with your makeup if you do not have good shadows on your eyes. To achieve this you need two things. They are to know the techniques to do your makeup, and to have the best shadow palettes available so that you can create excellent combinations.

Perhaps you have not paid attention to the amount of tones that can be found in a shadow palette. Although there are many, no shadow palette is 100% complete with all the colors and tones you need. Therefore, my recommendation is that you have several. I would have some with shiny, or matte finishes and others that have a mix of the two combinations. This will allow you to not to have to use any other colors when creating your makeup.

If you are new in this world, calm down, here I will give you recommendations of the best shadow palettes that you can find in the market. If you are already a veteran in this matter, surely you will agree with me, or not, that these eyeshadow palettes are the best. That everyone should have some of these in their makeup set.

The shadow palettes you should know

Obviously shadows are a fundamental piece in makeup and that is why all cosmetic stores have a selection of shadow palettes. But there are always some brands that stand out more than others, either because of the variety of colors, or because of the shadow material.

If you are looking for eyeshadow palettes with bright and striking colors. You have to buy one from Anastasia Beverly Hills. The color shades of this brand are perfect for creating looks with a lot of color. One of the most famous palettes is Paleta Riviera because it has colors like red, yellow, and orange. But it also has satin colors, in addition, the case of this palette is beautiful.

If you want to go for more earthy colors then you should try Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded palette. Its brown, gold, and beige colors will give your eyes a earth toned smokey appearance.

And if you want a palette of color that incorporates black, white, and some earth tones then you can look for the “Swear By It” palette of the Nyx brand. With this palette of shadows you can solve many looks due to the variety of colors it comes in.

But as I said before, nothing is like having all of them so that you can create the best makeup that you can think of and have different colors for different days.


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